Audition for the female lead role in “The Enigma of Magna.”

Audition for the female lead role in “The Enigma of Magna.”


Audition for the female lead role in “The Enigma of Magna.”
Created from the Fun Learning English Education application, the tale “The Enigma of Magna” will start its theater performance Elementary School tour in the spring of 2018.
Along with this, in search of new talent, we will have an audition for the role of “Ray” the female lead role of the story who speaks a mysterious language (English) and travels from her world to other by crossing over a huge wall.
Application requirements and details are listed below.
We are looking forward to receiving your application.

Application Requirements
・ Female
・ Native level English Speaker
・ Singing and acting ability (A judging will be held)
・ Freelance, not belonging to an office (If accepted the percipient will become affiliated with our corporation)
・ Be able to participate in lessons in early April 2018, and performances from late April.

Application Documents
Please arrange the following items and send them via mail or E-mail to the address below or apply via online. (The items do not need to be brought to the audition)
Please note that application documents, recordings etc. will not be returned.
1. Profile
A4 size limited to 2 pages. 1page, A3 size, is also acceptable (single sided).
(To apply online via online application, please click here)
Necessary items: Name with furigana, current address, TEL or mobile number, E-mail address (account that can accept attachments), personal summary, lesson and performance experience.
Photograph: 1 full body shot, 1 shot from the chest up. Please paste to paper and be sure that the photos do not overlap or protrude from the edge of the paper. Please do not clip photos to paper. Pictures sent via email are acceptable.
2. Recordings
CD-ROM containing 1 recorded song of your voice only. Please write the name of the applicant on the top of the CD. If applying via E-mail please attach the sound file.
⭐ Audition Song Download
Please download the song that will be used for the audition from the website listed below.

(If you wish to have the song sent to you via email, please contact us by email.)

◆ Application deadline
28/2/2018 (document arrival deadline)

◆ Mailing address
Oaska-shi, Abeno-ku, Abenoji, 2-4-45
KIO “The Enigma of Magna” audition staff (Subject: “The Enigma of Magna” Audition)

◆ Result Notification
The results of the first screening will be sent by E-mail this month only to those who have passed. Please refrain from inquiring the results.
The second screening is scheduled to be held in Osaka and Tokyo from early to mid March 2018. The details will be sent only to those who have passed the first screening. Please note that after the second screening, there is a possibility that we will call you back in again at a later date.

◆ Remarks
The performance fee will depend upon acting and singing ability.

◻ Inquiries KIO TEL: 06-6624-9117‬(10:00~18:00)